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Today we will discuss how to monetize a meme Instagram page. We all know Instagram is mainly used as a social media platform where we can chat, share content, and communicate with everyone in seconds. However, you can easily research millions of pieces of data relevant to any subject. But do you know how Instagram exactly works on social media platforms?

Check the detailed information about how to monetize a meme Instagram page

Firstly, have a look at the following main tactics of Instagram.

How to monetize a meme Instagram page?

Instagram is a social networking and sharing platform where people send photos, texts, videos, and audio texts for better communication and to share memorable moments of their lives. Using it, you can also follow other people who are already users of Instagram.

Features of Instagram

● Like photos

● Make comments

● Check and post stories.

● Post content relevant to your field.

● Add captions to your post.

● Also, you can tag anyone there.

Purpose of Instagram how to monetize a meme Instagram page?

They were engaging content creators worldwide and sharing videos with anyone anytime. Also can hunt clients through Instagram when using a business Instagram emoji profile. It helps to know the people and what they do in their real lives. Do not show us their private pictures, which they don’t want to show us. Thus, their things are secured.

Does it have millions of users?

Instagram has millions of users. It is a top-rated social media platform. According to recent news, there were 1.21 billion monthly activities. You can easily continue it with your simple bio emojis. It only got one million registered users in the first two months when it was initially launched.

What is an Instagram page?

An Instagram page, often referred to as an “Instagram account,” is a personal or business profile on the social media platform Instagram. It allows users to share photos, videos, and stories and engage with other users’ content. Each Instagram page has its own unique username and profile, which can be customized with a bio, profile picture, and links to external websites or other social media accounts.

Instagram pages can be either public, meaning anyone can view the content, or private, where the owner approves follower requests and controls who can see their posts. Users can follow other accounts to see their posts in their feeds, and they can interact with content by liking, commenting, sharing, and sending direct messages.

Instagram is known for its visually-driven content, making it a popular platform for sharing images and videos. It also offers various features like Instagram Stories, IGTV for longer videos, and Instagram Live for real-time broadcasts.

Individuals use Instagram pages for personal expression, connecting with friends, and following their interests, while businesses and influencers often use it as a marketing tool to reach a wider audience and promote products or services. Overall, Instagram pages serve as a digital space for users to share moments, ideas, and experiences with their followers.

Can we create an Instagram page?

Create Instagram pages for fun activities and business marketing. Different types of pages can make on Instagram. The content that is in demand includes topics such as:

● Tutorial videos.

● Entertaining content.

● Behind-the-scenes content.

● Memes earn 100k followers.

● Experiential content.

● Motivational content.

● Niche-specific content.

How to create an Instagram page?

  • Let’s learn how we can create an Instagram page.
  • Go to
  • Tap Sign up.
  • Create a username and password. 
  • Or Log in with Facebook. 

How to monetize a meme Instagram page?

Yes, we can monetize a meme page on Instagram. We need some followers to earn money from our meme page. If you have only one thousand followers, you can make money. However, we will go further with our topic, “How to monetize a meme Instagram page,” but firstly, we will discuss some terms.


It means earning money for the content you already put on the platform. One can earn money through posts, reels, stories, or direct sales of products and services.


A meme is an image, video, or audio copied and spread by social media that gains Instagram likes users after slight changes and is always humorous.

Meme page

Social media forums where people share funny images, audio, and short videos. These are especially relevant to the culture.

Most Profitable niches on Instagram

The most profitable niches one can choose on Instagram are:

● Lifestyles of celebrities.

● Fashion.

● Beauty.

● Health and fitness.

● Traveling stories.

● Music.

● Parenting.

● business.

How does the meme page work?

Meme pages used to work by earning money, primarily through advertisement ads and short content videos. People are making lakhs, even crores, for yearly turnover. A meme maker needs to produce a meme and get followers who can appreciate his work.

How can we monetize a meme Instagram page?

We can monetize a meme Instagram page through the following steps:

Sponsored posts

Instagram is like ads or notifications. Such ads are a.k.a. promoted or paid sponsorships.

Brand awareness

A brand ambassador is a person for a company to increase its brand awareness.

Become an affiliate marketer

An affiliate is a person who owns 20% of the company. Such a person is officially attached to an organization or a company. 

Product advertising

Product advertisement means nurturing one brand’s product instead of elevating the brand itself. In such promotions, the benefits and features of products are shared with audiences.

Product placement videos

A type of advertising in which a content creator places a company’s product on a movie, TV show, or music video set. The company pays for it to the creator.

Integrate Instagram shop into your online store

Once your Instagram account is approved, you can integrate your Instagram shop into your online website. 

Earn with IGTV ads

IGTV stands for Instagram TV. However, these ads are short videos for Instagram users in their feeds.

Earn tips with live badges on Instagram.

The badges allow people to support the creators when they live on Instagram financially.

Sell on Instagram live shopping.

With live shopping, one can sell his product on Instagram. The seller can approach the buyer directly.

How to start a meme page?

  1. Select a content niche.
  2. Find a tool to make your memes.
  3. Develop your bio. Tell people what content your memes are pivot.
  4. Use hashtags for ease of people’s use.  
  5. Observe which content your viewers like.
  6. Create similar content.

Does Instagram pay for followers?

Instagram pays for the followers. The more you have, the number of followers accordingly, and it delivers. A person with 1k followers can easily earn $10 per post. Accounts containing 10k followers can make $88 per post, accordingly to the person having millions of followers.

Can we buy followers on Instagram?

Yes, we can buy Instagram followers. It’s not always so easy. Buying followers is not cheap, but sometimes it is. Such followers for monetization are bots on Instagram profiles. They don’t engage the profiles by liking and commenting on posts. However, it’s important to note that buying followers is against Instagram’s terms of service and can have negative consequences for your account.

Here are some reasons why buying followers is not recommended:

  1. Inauthentic Engagement: Bought followers are usually not genuine users interested in your content. They are often inactive or fake accounts, which means they won’t engage with your posts.
  2. Risk of Account Suspension: Instagram periodically conducts purges to remove fake or inactive accounts. If you have purchased followers, your account may be flagged and face penalties, including suspension or removal.
  3. Negative Impact on Credibility: When other users and potential collaborators see a high follower count but low engagement rates (likes, comments, etc.), it can be a red flag and potentially harm your credibility.
  4. Violates Instagram’s Terms of Service: Buying followers goes against Instagram’s community guidelines, and they actively discourage this practice.
  5. Wasted Investment: The money spent on buying followers would be better invested in legitimate strategies to grow your account, such as creating high-quality content, engaging with your audience, and using organic growth techniques.

Instead of buying followers, it’s recommended to focus on organic strategies to grow your Instagram following. This includes creating high-quality content, using relevant hashtags, engaging with your audience, collaborating with other users, and being consistent in your posting schedule. While it may take more time, building a genuine, engaged following will be more valuable in the long run.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I really make money from a meme Instagram page?

Absolutely! With the right strategies and a dedicated following, you can monetize your meme page through various methods like brand partnerships, affiliate marketing, merchandise sales, and more.

Q2: How many followers do I need to start monetizing my meme page?

While there’s no specific threshold, having at least 10,000 engaged followers is a good starting point for options like sponsored posts and using Instagram’s “Swipe Up” feature for links.

Q3: Is it necessary to have a niche for my meme page to be profitable?

Having a defined niche can help attract a specific audience, making it easier to collaborate with relevant brands. However, it’s not strictly necessary if your content resonates with a wide audience.

Q4: Can I sell merchandise even if I don’t have a massive following?

Yes, you can sell merchandise to your existing followers, provided they are engaged and interested in supporting your content. The quality and relevance of the merchandise play a significant role.

Q5: Are there any risks in buying followers to boost my page’s numbers?

Yes, buying followers is against Instagram’s terms of service and can lead to negative consequences, including account suspension. It’s recommended to focus on organic growth strategies instead.

Take Away

A meme page on Instagram efficiently monetizes if you have a good number of your followers. Followers increase the amount of money you earn. If you have 1k followers on Instagram, you have the potential to earn money. Your amount can increase depending on your skills, engagement, and quality of content. Diversifying your income streams, whether through brand partnerships, affiliate marketing, merchandise sales, or other methods, can provide stability and growth for your meme page’s revenue. Remember, the key lies in maintaining the unique voice and humor that attracted your followers in the first place.