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5 Interview questions for content strategists

Great Interview Questions for content strategists. They are the central pillar of a successful brand-building strategy. Big corporations always rely on excellent content creation. To strengthen their position in the market. As such, if you’re embarking on a journey in search of a content strategist. You must hire the right skills and understand the ins and outs of content strategy.

Conducting interviews to select the most qualified content strategist. It will involve developing insightful interview questions. To pair the right skills to your company’s content strategist role. That is what this article addresses. What interview questions are appropriate for hiring a content strategist?

Significant abilities to explore Interview Questions for content strategists

Three sets of interview questions designed to identify knowledgeable and experienced content strategists. Seek to discover the critical qualities desired in the content strategist. For example:

  • Analytical ability
  • Brand alignment
  • Technical expertise

Analytical ability

Interview questions that gauge a content strategist candidate provide information. About performance, analysis quality, and thought processes. A good content strategist should score excellent SEO writing points on the interview questions. The interview questions for content strategists will measure the candidate. Analytical abilities include:

How can you measure the performance of your content marketing?

This question will help the hiring manager to observe whether the candidate understands. The metrics and terminologies used in content strategist roles. An excellent candidate will mention various performance metrics related to the business strategy. Scenarios include clicks, views, playtime, brand awareness, lead generation, and other SEO-related terminologies. Moreover, the candidate should provide reliable evidence of past creativity. Content projects demonstrating their skills.

Brand alignment

Most brand alignment-based interview questions for content strategists are industry-specific questions. These questions may explore examples of perceived great content by players. In the industry, the element of creativity and brand voice.

  1. Could you give us an example of a b2b company getting its content right? What type of content is lacking within our industry?
  2. What methods will you use to tailor content to your target audience? And how will you make a boring topic interesting to your audience?
  3. What is our company’s voice? What will be your approach to the company’s voice in your role as a content strategist?
Interview questions for content strategists
interview questions for a content strategist

These questions align with the brand of the company. In answering the first question, the candidate should discuss the content quality. And how it relates to propelling the achievement of company goals. As such, the hiring manager will use the interview questions to determine. Whether the candidate has a reasonable grasp of the organization’s content needs. Since industry-specific questions, the hiring manager may opt to restrict a candidate. To certain market players to get a more representative answer.

Technical expertise

Interview questions for content strategists should explore technical knowledge. And the expertise of the candidate. The interview questions should check the candidate’s technical skills. Knowledge of content strategy tools and one’s versatility. To understand the candidate’s technical skills. The hiring manager may ask a question like:

  • What is your strategy for making your content more SEO friendly?
  • How did you use content management tools in the past? Which tool worked for you well?
  • What type of content did you enjoy working on? Explain some of the multimedia formats that worked well for you.

These questions explore whether the candidate has any knowledge. Or expertise in working with various content management tools and SEO content creation. So, the candidate must prove experience with tools. Such as Google Adword, Keyword search, Semrush, and Buzzsumo. But SEO can deliver amazing results during marketing campaigns. The candidate should observe that it must apply. To achieve marketing and brand awareness success. Moreover, the candidate should show knowledge about various content magazine management systems. Such as WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, or Drupal.


Hiring managers must identify or develop effective interview questions for content strategists. To pair the right candidate with a content strategist role. The listed questions provide insight into the candidate’s perception. But the industry in relation to content marketing. Demonstrates the candidate’s knowledge base about content strategy and technical expertise. The candidates bring into the organization.

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