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Jack matfin bell is a celebrity kid, But he is well known as the son of Hollywood stars Jamie Matfin bell and his wife Evan Rachel wood. His father, Jamie Bell, is an English actor well known for his coming drama movie “Billy Elliot.”  He was a great comedian of his time and became famous.

Besides, Jack’s mother is also a world’s famous actress-activist and singer. She started her career in 1944.  Among her eminent performances are Across the Universe, Whatever works, and Westworld. She is also known as the voice provider to the queen character Iduna in the Disney movie Frozen II.

Being the kid of two famous actor parents, the star kid is in the eye of people. Masses are curious to know about him and his future goals. Some questions about him include: whether he will follow in his mother’s footsteps or his fathers’. His parents got separated after only one year of his birth. So queries about his custody are also arising.

In this article, you will get information about Jack Matfin bell’s biography, age, educational qualifications, profession, and social life. We will try our best to sort out your queries about him.

Jack matfin bell’s life Biography

Jack, named Jack matfin bell, was brought into the world in 2013. His exact date of birth is 29 July 2013. He was born in the United States of America. By the year 2022, he will be only 9 of his age. In July 2023, he will turn 10. The star kid is a Leo by his star sign. The kid has American nationality and is White by his ethnicity.

His parents are Jamie matfin bell and Evan Rachel wood.  Mom is likewise fruitful by her own doing. Evan is a well-known Hollywood star, actress-activist, and voice provider to Disney cartoon movies.  Jack was only one year when his parents separated. He is the one and only biological kid of both the stars.

As a child, he has not selected his career and has no salary. He lives a happy life on his parent’s cash. His parents used to give him a peaceful and happy life. So, they decided to keep his life private. They don’t share much about their child. But he is studying in his pre-primary. The organization of his education is also a secret.

Jack matfin bell’s Family & Relationship?

Jack matfin bell’s folks, Jamie bell and Evan Rachel met on the set for the first time in 2005.  They met on the shooting of green day’s music video. For a couple of months, both remained in a romantic relationship. They dated each other and tried to know more about each other. Unfortunately, they broke up in 2006.

They reunited their relationship in mid-2011.  In a private ceremony, they exchanged rings on October 30, 2012. Their marriage worked only for two years. Both realized that they could not stay together anymore. So, the separation occurred on 28 May 2014, only one year of their baby’s birth.

Not only jack’s parents are actors, but his grandparents are also in this field. On his mother’s side, his grandfather was an actor, playwright, theater director, and singer. His grandma was a producer. On his father’s side, his grandpa is a toolmaker, and his grandma is a dancer. His aunt is also famous. Jack has no more siblings biologically but has a half-sister from his father’s second wedding.

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 Jack matfin bell’s Relationship

Being a little kid, jack is not in any relationship. He is more focused on his study. He used to spend his time with his parents and playing. But in the future, when he grows, he will have a relationship or a marriage. So, it depends on his future goals after his career building.

Is jack living a luxurious life?

As a kid, he is not involved in any profession and has no net worth. But he is enjoying a luxurious life because of Jack matfin bellof his parent’s wealth. His father’s net worth was $11 million, and his mother’s was $8 million in 2022. So, both support him, and he is spending his life on a luxurious lifestyle.

Are Evan and Jamie still together, or have you moved on?

Jack’s parents are no more together. They got Divorced in 2014. Both of them have moved on. Jamie married an actress, and they had a baby girl in 2019. Jamie and his second wife lead a blissful life with their daughter.

On the other hand, Jack’s mum is very unfortunate in relationships. She married a rockstar after divorcing Jamie but couldn’t make her jack matfin bell and Evan Rachel wood wedding workable. She again was divorced in the next years. But she is leading her life.

With whom is jack living now?

Both parents used to give him a peaceful life. Both bored the expenses and supported him, but suddenly, they started a battle in 2020 to take custody of the child. Father argued to have him because her mother, Jack matfin bell, custody deprived the father of his son. But the mother claimed that Bell was not supporting her in hard times and the child was at risk. Because an abuser warned her to kidnap the child, her mother wanted to protect him by taking him to Los Angeles. However, Jamie ball managed to protect her child by using bulletproof windows and steel doors. So, the court decided to give custody of the son to his mother. Evan’s world was changed when the custody turned in her favor.

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Jack matfin bell’s Age, height

NameJack matfin bell
AgeAbout 9 years by 2022
Height4ft 3 inches(1.2m)

Jack matfin bell’s Biography

Real NameJack matfin bell
Nick NameJack 
Birthday 29 July 2013
Age9 years (as 2022)
Place of birth Santa Monica, California, United States
Sun signLeo 

Jack matfin bell’s Family

Parent/ FatherJamie bell
Parent/ MotherEvan Rachel wood
Sibling/ BrothersNo brother
Sibling / Sisters No sister
Life Partner—(still a child)

Jack matfin bell’s Body Measurements

Eye ColourBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
Weight45 kg (165 lbs) by 2022
Height4 ft 3 inches (1.2m) by 2022

Jack matfin bell’s  Educational Qualification

Educational qualificationsBeing a child yet in pre-primary school
Educational organizationNot known

Jack matfin bell’s Profession

Well-known forthe son of  two renowned actors, comedians, and dancers ( father )

Jack matfin bell’s Net worth


Jack matfin bell’s Life partner & Child

Life Partner Name
Kids and Name

Jack matfin bell’s Marital Status

Marital status
Date of marriage

Jack matfin bell’s Residence

Home townAmerica
CountryUnited States

Jack matfin bell’s Social accounts

InstagramNot known
TwitterNot known
FacebookNot known
WebsiteNot known

Final words

You understand that we provide vast knowledge about Jack Matfin bell’s life and biography. This article provides information regarding Jack matfin bell custody his biography, age, academic and professional life, marital status, affairs, residence, and social media accounts. But there is no extra information about his education and career achievement. That’s why we considered it just to learn about his family and bio life. Any sort of information about his social accounts is also not available.