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Ray Comfort is a Christian.  Evangelist, now he is turning 73 years old. He is a note-worthy preacher, and he preaches in a friendly and effective manner. Living Waters Publications and The Ways of Master Ministers are his own creations. He is a well-known author and has published books and gospel tracts. Moreover, he is a co-host of television series and know about ray comfort net worth.

Detailed information about Ray Comfort

Early Life of Ray Comfort

Comfort came to earth on  5- december -1949 . His place of birth was New Zealand.  The true background of his parents is unknown. Nonetheless, on his birth record, he was referred to as Methodist. They did so due to their fear of the revival of Nazai ideals.  He considers himself as Jewish and Christian  

In the interview with CBN, he declared himself a Christian and Jew   

Comfort acquainted with CBN’s, he claimed there that he is a Christian and he has faith in Christianity.  In Living Waters Publications, he  talked about it in detail All the same, he also considered himself a Jew. In the same interview with CBN, he announced that he was also a believer of  Jewishism. Respectively, he owns this religion and accepts it in interviews and documentaries. He is a Jew and a Christian  due to his skeptical way of thinking, he adopts both religion in his life   

Name Ray Comfort 
Date of Birth 5- 12 – 1949 
Palce of  Birth New Zealand 
Age73 years old 
Mother Unknown  
Father Unknown 
Profession host, ,author,  and Filmmaker 
Religion Jew and Christian 

Banana Man  / Nickname of Comfort 

When Comfort did work with Dawkin, consequently, the team called him a “Banana man”, so from this, Roy’s nickname recognizes him as a “Banana Man”   Correspondingly, notable atheists called him a “demean.”

Height , Weight and Body Measurements 

Comfort has alluring body physique  and he is a attracting man and he mostly looks a  substantial personailty . He mostly wears suits and dress shirts with elegant colors and designs. He has a beard and looks like a  70-plus-year-old man and his height  weight and body measurements are mentioned below 

Height 5 feet, 5 inches.
Weight Normal 
Eyes ColorTawny 
Hair toneBrown 
Shoe size/ Feet Inaccessible  
Body Measurements Inaccessible  

Educational  Life 

He was enrolled at high school in Christ Church; later, he did the schooling in New Zealand, and  after some time, he left it and pursued music. However,  in the early twenty, he carried out the  study of theology, thus becoming a pastor and continuing his life as a Christ. He preached Christianity, and now he he become a notable Christian.

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Career Life 

As mentioned above, Comfort is a renowned Author, Minister of Christianity, and TV host. So one by one, we give an overview of the career life of Ray, that is given below  

As an Author

He published hundreds of books on various topics, mostly religious topics like evanglism and Christianity. 

BooksPublished Year 
Hell’s Best Kept Secret1989
God Doesn’t Believe in Atheists1993
The Way of the Master2006
Evolution : A Fairy Tale  for Grownups2008
World Religions in a Nutshell2008
The Origin of Species2009
You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence , But You Can’t Make Him Think : Answers to Qusetions from Angry Skeptics2009
Hitler , God , and the Bible2012

As  a filmmaker 

As a film maker, Comfort produced numerous films that are based on Christianity, and he raised  his religion through this medium. He produced documentaries and films on the Christian religion. Moreover, his creations are so captivating and mesmerizing that they are seen world-wide.

              Films Names             Years Contributions  by Comfort 
True Ficiton 1999Writer  
The Way of the Master  series 2003-14Host , Self , writer and producer 
180:Changing the Heart of a Nation 2011Writer, Self and Producer  
Genius 2012 Self , Writer and Director 
Evolution vs God :Shaking the Foundations of Faith 2013Self and Director 
Audacity 2015 Writer and Executive Producer  
The Atheist Delusion 2016 Executive Producer  
Exit :The Appeal of Suicide  2017Narrotor , Writer and Executive Producer 
7 Reasons 2019Self and Executive Producer 

As a Minister of Christianity 

Ray Comfort, as a minister of Christianity, performed his duty well in this field; he went to tv shows and did debates on Christianity, and he promoted  the Christian religion effectively. He said  in the 27 th Convention of American Atheists that  

Comfort said to the people who laughed at my religion, I advised them to start preparation for the judgment day and should he afriad from Hell. Moreover, he expounds in the Convention that everyone should  be punished after his death  Further, he said that no one can stop me from preaching  

Personal Life 

He is blisfully married to Sue, and his married life is passing ecstatically. This mesmerizing couple has three children, a daughter Racheal  and two sons, Jacob and Daniel .

Marital status Married 
Spouse Sue 
Childern 3
Daugher  name Racheal 
Sons nameJacob and Daniel 


Comfort is richest religious leader he has produeced 70 books and  made hundreds of films  , series and short films that are based on the topic of Christainty .He is CEO of Christian Ministry  and he is well rupted person in the society. He is also the founder of Living Waters . He has no legal issues in his life .

Ray Comfort Net Worth  

Comfort is a most well known person and he is a wealthy religious  leader  from New Zealand. His earnings may have come from his profession, which he opted  the professions Ray Comfort net worth is $ 11 Million. 

Salary Under Review 
Net Worth $ 11 Million 
Source of Income Evangelist , Author , Tv host and  Christian Minister .
Cars Not Available 

Reason  of  Fame 

Comfort’s main reason for fame is the article  You  Can  Lead  An Atheist  To Evidence ,But You Can’t Make Him Think  . Due to this, he opted for a notable personality. So he became a famous person as a religious TV host and writer.

Some Frequently asked questions

Where does Ray Comfort live?

Comfort is a Christian clergyman and missionary from New Zealand , now lives in the United States.

What religion is Living Waters?

 Living Water Church is a part of the River of Life Conference and a member of the IPHC (International Pentecostal Holiness Church).

Who is Ray Comfort’s daughter?

Racheal Comfort 

How tall is Ray Comfort?

His height is 5.5 feet .

What ethnicity is Ray Comfort?

Jewish-American Christian minister and evangelist.


Comfort  is a well known person  and he is best author , tv host and  Evangelist . His  most common  interest is to rase the religion of Chrisitnity . His most famous book is “The Evidence of  Bible”.It is about of Christianity.His married life is passing happily. In addition, the standard of living in society is high.