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 Ray comfort net worth age, career, life ups & downs

If you want to know about ray comfort net worth and his biography? Then, this article will help you a lot. Ray Comfort is 73 years old. He belongs to a Christian family. He is a famous evangelist. On the other hand, known as the founder of The way of the Master ministries and Living Water Publications. Moreover, he also works as a co-actor with famous actor Kirk Cameron. 

Further, he is also a well-known author and published approximately 80 above books. Moreover, he is included among the famous religious leaders. In short, ray comfort net worth is between $11 million.

Ray Comfort net worth Biography

The birthplace of Ray Comfort is Christchurch. In addition, he was born in New Zealand on December 5, 1949. In addition, he is a popular evangelist and author. Further, he wrote many books and tracts. Further,  he also worked with famous novelist Tim LaHaye in 2012. He composed books including Bible, Hitler, and god with him. 

About the early life of Ray Comfort, there is no accurate information. But it found that he did his graduation from high school. After that, he finally participated in the apostolic staff of Calvary Chapel in California. After that, he met the famous actor Kirk Cameron. Moreover, he worked with him as a co-actor on television. 

First Name Ray 
Last Name Comfort 
Birth SignSagittarius 
Birth PlaceChristchurch 
Age 73 years
Birth DateDecember 5. 1949
Height Not known
Profession Religious Leader, co-actor, an author
Country New Zealand
Weight Not known
Religion Christain 
Status Married 
Net Worth $11 million
ray comfort net worth

On the other hand, he was also included among the famous religious leaders. Further,  he is one of the well-known people born in December 1949. In short, he is one of the richest people in New Zealand.

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Ray Comfort’s Private Life

Ray Comfort is married. His wife’s name is Sue Comfort. In short, both are happily married. In addition, they got married in 1972. And then blessed with three kids. They have one daughter and two sons named Rachael Comfort, Daniel Comfort, and Jacob Comfort. Moreover, all of these lives a happy life. 

Ray never shares anything about his family background. However, many sources confirmed that his mother’s name was Jewish. But he does not share too much about his family.

Ray Comfort Net Worth

Ray Comfort is a popular Religious Leader. So,  his net worth is $11 million as of January 2023. Meanwhile, he works as a Religious Leader. So, earned money as a professional in his job. Moreover, he lives in New Zealand. 

Who Is Ray Comfort’s Wife?

Ray Comfort’s wife’s name is Sue Comfort. At the age of 23, Ray married her. Moreover, they have one daughter named Rachel Comfort and two sons named Jacob and Daniel Comfort. And they all live a happy life.

Where Does Ray Comfort Live?

In short, the birthplace of Ray Comfort is Christchurch in New Zealand. Moreover, he went to California later on. He spent almost a great time there. But now, he lives the rest of his life in America.

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How Rich Is Ray Comfort?

In addition, Ray Comfort is the richest man. He write many books and also worked as a co-host on television. Further, ray comfort is earned mostly through co-hosting and writing tracts or books. Consequently, all his shows are very famous. For instance, The Way of the Market is one of them.

Who Runs Living Waters?

Ray Comfort is also known as the CEO of Living Waters on social media. An organization containing several books and films controlled by ray comfort. So, he is also famous as a founder of an organization. Certainly, Ray and Laura Quinn Hawk is the administrative maker of films and documentaries. Some of his famous documentaries or films are as follows:

  • 180
  • Audacity
  • Evolution vs. god 

Final Words _ Ray Comfort Net Worth

Ray Comfort net worth is a magnificent value. So, it helps him to become a millionaire. Certainly, he spent most of his earnings on non-profit. Therefore, Ray confesses that becoming the richest person is not arduous. He also admits that helping the world is good, but trickling from it is not good.

Ray is well known as well as the richest person in New Zealand. Further, he spent his whole life getting fame. In short, he did many works to live a happy life. 

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