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Before going into telegram Instagram engagement pods, we need to know about them very well. Telegram is a social application similar to whatsapp that provides a platform for instant messaging. Because in this app, you can message each other with voice calling, video calling, and instant messaging facilities. Apart from this, it has end-to-end encryption in messages or calls. Instagram is also a photo-sharing application provided to you on social media. Nowadays, this app is top-rated and has attracted billions of people.

Using this app through this app, you can see the posts and photos shared by your favorite celebrities. Like your favorite actors, and also follow other favorite celebrities. And these celebrities and actors live to stay in touch with their fans by sharing live-streaming options and pictures. Youngsters use Instagram to earn money by showing their talent and providing information to people. People can also tag each other on accounts and share. They also use hashtags ##.

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Difference between Telegram Instagram engagement pods?

Well, both applications are different from each other in their capabilities. Here you will learn about some of the main differences between them. One of the major advantages that telegram provides to its users is that you can use it. The source can also share large files with friends and family. And can also share movies. That’s why is the reason why people take full advantage of it. Which also led to an increase in its popularity. It has become the most downloaded application in 2021.

It is an application from an American company. You can also create your account using the number. Telegram is an application similar to whatsapp, while Instagram is similar to Facebook. On telegram, you can share large files but can’t share photos. Yes, you can post your photo. This way, on Instagram, you can get likes and comments on your shared photos and posts and share large files.

What is a pod in social media? Did you know about Instagram engagement pods?

Before going about Instagram pods, we should also know what pods are. And what is their role in social media? Pods are groups of people interacting with each other on different social apps. Working together to increase engagement. Joining the pods ensures that you will engage and help other members.

Increase engagement on their posts as well as engagement on your post. Engagement pods increase your engagement on Instagram and the popularity of your photos and comments. But only as long as you continue using these pods. As soon as you use these pods. If closed, your engagement will also decrease. You only benefit from it as long as you stay busy.

How does an Instagram pod work?

People joined pods related to their field of interest. According to the rules of pods, whenever a user shares a new post, they share it in a direct message. While in a group, everyone present has to like or comment on the shared post or photos. Engagement pods people belonging to the same field or tradition on Instagram followers. These groups consist of 25-30 people. Which helps increase engagement on each other’s posted comments, pictures, and other content. And people like each other’s posts or comment on them. They help each other to increase engagement on their posts.

How do you get engagement pods on Instagram? And how do you set up an Instagram pod?

Engagement pods create on each social app together with each other to increase each other’s engagement. Similarly, on Instagram too. Some people make these pods together according to different fields or different categories. People choose pods according to their preferences or sector, through which they can be in touch with each other, but you cannot include them in these pods. Like any other social application, it has rules you can follow to join the pod.

Telegram Instagram engagement pods
Telegram Instagram engagement pods with

Firstly, you have to follow the account you want to join. More on the post, Refrain from making long comments. Your comment, at most, is four words only. And also you have to avoid generic comments and emojis as well. Don’t tag your users when you share a post because it makes them feel good. To set up an Instagram pod, you have to consider that first.

You need to find and select your like-minded Instagrammer and then message each Instagrammer to join your group. Speak for the end, then choose a name for your pod and choose a name for your group. Usually, a welcome message is sent to all members, and some rules and regulations are set for the pods to run smoothly. You also established some rules and regulations for your pods, which can be better for running them.

What are Instagram engagement groups? Where can we find them?

You may also want to know why they are called engagement groups. They are usually called management groups because they consist of 20-25 people from pods that belong to the same industry and are of their credentials join these groups. Everyone in these groups is required to participate. All members of the groups must like the post and comment in return.

Let me tell you. It is also liked and commented on because each group has its own rules and regulations, and some rules are set for this group. These groups are also of three types. There are in them either the post is only liked in a group, and only comments are made in a group, or generally, these two principles are worked on in some groups. The post is also liked and commented on, and shared. This group is a combination of both of them.

Is it important to join Telegram Instagram engagement pods?

People in these groups help increase engagement on each other’s posts. Many people among you think about why you should join them or what is the use of all of them. Why should you waste your valuable time on these groups? Here we give some more reasons that will make it easier for you to know why you should join these groups or their benefits. Suppose you use the Instagram account to share your personal life, activities, and interests.

Groups to meet

If you don’t intend to earn money by sharing information, join these groups to meet, find new people, or get new information. You want more ads on the influencer page of your account. Then, it is important to join these groups according to the field of your choice. Because the number of followers you have will help increase your engagement. Your engagement increases with the number of members in your group.

Because joining these groups requires you to follow the rules established by those groups. Usually, you pay for each group you join. You should also make such financial investments. And get the results you want because of people with the same common goals as these groups. And accept only those who agree with their views in their group so that they can work better together.

List of Telegram Instagram engagement pods

  1. Boss girl bloggers Instagram Pod
  2. Comment Pods of Instagram: Dogs Edition
  3. Creative Compass – SEO, Marketing and Instagram Pod Group
  4. Fitness Instagram POD!
  5. Girls in Business Engagement Pod
  6. Ig/blog growing pod
  7. IGGainz – Instagram Comments & Likes Growth Group
  8. IG Mamas Mompreneur Pod
  9. INFLUENCERS + BRANDS: Influencer Marketing on Instagram
  10. Instagram Blogger Pod
  11. Instagram Blooming Pod
  12. Instagram Comment Pods™
  13. Instagram Elite Drop
  14. Instagram Engagement • Beauty • Fashion • Photography •
  15. Instagram Engagement Group
  16. Instagram Engagement Pod
  17. Instagram Engagement Pod – Comments & Likes
  18. Instagram Engagement & Support
  19. Instagram Engagement + Support Group
  20. Instagram Fabulous
  21. Instagram Followers
  22. Instagram Followers & Engagement Club
  23. Instagram Follow/Like/Comment Pod

Do Instagram pods help to increase my engagement?

Instagram helps you to increase your engagement. Instagram gives more priority to those accounts that already have high engagement because they judge any current account’s success by the accounts’ engagement. Therefore,  increasing the engagement of any account. These pods play a significant role and help your account’s success.

Because Instagram assesses the post’s engagement and content on your account highly, more likes or comments it receives on shared material, we will give you a few principles that can increase your account engagement if you follow them correctly. 

Telegram Instagram engagement pods
Telegram Instagram engagement pods with

Track your account engagement. Let’s find out the engagement rate of your work here. It will be easy to see how much your engagement rate has increased with the content. You have so far on your account. 


Provide good content. You will need to provide good content. Provide that your account increases in transactions and more and more and be liked by Instagram users.


By using hashtags. Hashtags and location tags in your posts also help your account get found. Because if someone uses or follows your tags, your post will appear on their feed. These two tags can help people increase engagement on your account.


By creating better insta stories and reels, you must provide a better install story to increase engagement on your account. Along with good reels to generate engagement on your account or, better yet. If your pod’s members are willing to engage with you with your content, your engagement will be higher. The first 30 minutes after the post goes live from your pod will tell you how important your post is. And accordingly, your post will rank higher in the algorithm.

 Are Instagram pods a good idea or bad?

Nowadays, everyone is busy on Instagram pods. These pods can also work well if you want your account to get more likes and more comments. Suppose you can get the benefits. Then you should use Telegram software to stay on one pod and join other pods. From a business point of view, you can benefit a lot from these pods. For example, if you choose or use a pod whose members are also working according to your goal. Thus, if you and your pod are targeted correctly, you can reach your target audience better.

Some Frequently Asked Question

Q1: What are True Fans in the context of business?

True Fans are a subset of customers who are not just loyal buyers, but also highly engaged advocates of a business. They go beyond occasional transactions and are emotionally invested in the brand.

Q2: How do True Fans differ from regular customers?

While regular customers make occasional purchases, True Fans have a deep emotional connection with the brand. They actively engage with content, promote the business, and often provide valuable feedback.

Q3: Why is cultivating True Fans important for businesses?

True Fans are incredibly valuable as they contribute to a significant portion of a business’s revenue and act as powerful brand advocates. They also provide valuable insights for product improvement.

Q4: Can any type of business benefit from True Fans?

Yes, virtually any type of business, whether it’s a small local shop or a global corporation, can benefit from cultivating True Fans. It’s about building meaningful relationships with your customer base.

Q5: How can a business identify and nurture True Fans?

Identifying True Fans involves monitoring customer interactions, feedback, and purchase behavior. Nurturing them involves consistent engagement, personalized experiences, and providing exceptional value.


Thus, it is optional to get maximum likes for each post and content on the pod or comment on your post every time. It now depends on your post and content to get as many likes or how many people like to comment on it. And it depends on your pod if thirty to forty people are on it. Then you will get likes and posts in that sense and will be commented on. If you own a business and run your own business consulting on your pod, your goal is to get the attention of your clients. Your post might be of some use, but they are still your followers on your account.