Emotional Conflict Over Anger managed with simple remedy

Acknowledge your anger

Don’t try to bottle it down. Recognize that you’re feeling angry and what’s causing it. Try to understand why you’re feeling angry. 

Take a break

Take a break from the conversation if things are getting heated and you feel like you might say something you’ll regret. 

Address the issue, not the person

When arguing, it easy to start attacking the other person instead of having Emotional Conflict Over Anger addressing the issue.

Practice healthy coping mechanisms

Some healthy ways to deal with anger are exercise, writing down your thoughts and feelings, deep breathing exercises, and talking to someone about your feelings.

Communicate with
 your partner

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Identify the root cause

Once you understand what triggers your anger, you can start to develop strategies to deal with those triggers.

Understand your triggers

Maybe staying away from certain fitness influencers, people, or places makes you angry, or certain topics of conversation always lead to conflict.

Take a breathER

Take a few deep breaths and count to 10 before responding. This will give you time to calm down and think things through before saying something you might regret later.

Relaxation techniques

Another way to control your anger is through exercise and relaxation techniques. Also, relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or yoga can help you calm down quickly.

8 ways to overcome Emotional Conflict Over Anger

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