How to get 100k Instagram followers

On the home page, you get updates of recent feeds of the accounts you follow. You’re taken to the home page when you open the Instagram app. 


The explore and search button is represented as the magnifying glass. It provides access to browse the content you are interested in.

Explore and Search:

A significant plus button provides access to upload videos and pictures from your phone’s camera roll or gallery. 


It is the heart shape icon that provides access to know about the activity of your account. It shows likes and comments on your Instagram. 


Does the Personal account work for earn 10k?

If you want to get real quick followers in approx 48hrs, then the Followers Gallery app is the best.

real quick followers

Do Collaboration with the Brand and post sponsored content

How to earn 10k from Instagram?

Work as an Affiliate

How to earn 10k from Instagram?

Sell your photography skills on Instagram

How to earn 10k from Instagram?

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How to earn 10k from Instagram?