Jack Matfin bell custody Evan wood

Jack matfin bell is a celebrity kid, But he is well known as the son of Hollywood stars Jamie Matfin bell and his wife Evan Rachel wood. 

Jack matfin bell’s life Biography

Jack, named Jack matfin bell, was brought into the world in 2013. His exact date of birth is 29 July 2013. He was born in the United States of America.

Jack matfin bell’s Family & Relationship?

Jack matfin bell’s folks, Jamie bell and Evan Rachel met on the set for the first time in 2005.  They met on the shooting of green day’s music video. 

Jack matfin bell’s Family

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Jack matfin bell’s Relationship

Being a little kid, jack is not in any relationship. He is more focused on his study. He used to spend his time with his parents and playing.

Is jack living a luxurious life?

As a kid, he is not involved in any profession and has no net worth. But he is enjoying a luxurious life because of Jack matfin bellof his parent’s wealth.

Are Evan and Jamie still together?

Jack’s parents are no more together. They got Divorced in 2014. Both of them have moved on.

With whom is jack living now?

The court decided to give custody of the son to his mother. Evan’s world was changed when the custody turned in her favor.

Jack matfin bell’s Net worth

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