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How media works in advertisement

The word “Media” is plural of medium. Media is a mode of communication, including offline and online content.

Are you aware of the role of media?

Media plays a vital role and gets our message to a large audience. It has become the mouthpiece of the oppressed. 

What are the Classifications of media?

Media is divided into print media and electronic media. Media, including books, magazines, newspapers, etc., is print media.

How can you define social media in media planning Charlotte strategies?

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Do you know mass media?

Mass media is communication. It is a forum where the attention of a large audience is attracted in a short time. 

Is media a source of entertainment?

Yes, Media is also a source of entertainment. It provides entertainment through articles, debates, talk shows, interviews, and TV programs.

Can you discuss media as a powerful mean?

Yes, Media is a robust means of communication. It spreads news as they are happening. Media takes just a few seconds to do this task worldwide. 

Do media play a negative role in society?

Yes, as everything has a positive and a negative side, Media also has one. When Media is allowed to play its role unchecked, it spreads false news. 

How do we use media’s power in marketing?

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